Ministry for the Sick (M4D6)

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Victor Reyes

No baptised Catholics, no matter their physical condition, should be deprived of the Bread of Life, which is essential food for the soul.

The Ministry for the Sick (M4D6) was formed in November 2002.

The volunteers of this ministry come from all walks of life, to lend their time after the weekend masses bring the Sacred Host to the waiting homebound parishioners.

Families with homebound members needing Holy Communion brought to them, may enquire with the church for details. Ideally, immediate family members who are able to, would be the most suitable person to minister to their loved ones. Recruitment into this ministry is on-going. Aspiring volunteers may also enquire with the church to find out more.


"Serve and be served...I experienced God's great love myself, both as a minister and later as a homebound during the period of my chemo-therapy. Receiving the Holy Eucharist every Sunday was a great consolation for me, made possible by the Ministry. I truly understand how the sick and homebound feels being unable to attend mass regularly. Praise the Lord."
- Petrina Chan - M4D6 member

"My wife and I have served and journeyed with 12 homebound since 2004. 5 of them have returned home to the Lord. My homebound were aged parishioners, the oldest of whom was around 105 years old before she passed on. I am comforted to note that my homebound who have passed on to a better life are interceding for me with the Lord."
- TS, CS - M4D6 members

It benefits me to know and understand the reading of the Gospel, and to receive Holy Communin weekly which brings me closer to God, and for me to Love and Trust God. God is always with me.
- Frances Leong - Homebound

Serving the sick is so fulfilling. That I am amble to bring Christ's love to other every Sunday, to share the peace and joy of giving and receiving, is a blessing beyond words!
I am contents to be God's servant, doing as He tells me to, going where He sends me to. Such simple acts of love; such abundant rewards!
Thank you Lord, for giving me this opportunity to achieve what I have always wanted to do - serve You in my neighbours. 

- Judy Chong - M4D6 member