Nativity Family Life Ministry (NFLM)

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Elmer Lobusta


Christ-centered families in the Parish


A ministry that strengthens marriage and family life through Christian formations and family empowering events.


The Nativity Family Life Ministry (NFLM) have conducted a number of various formation for the family as well as relationship building events, that help strengthens the bond among family members & with other families in the Parish since 2011. Traditional events like the Family Fun Walk and Marriage Renewal Vows are held every year as part of the NLFM program offerings.

NFLM works together with others ministries in the Parish such as the Catechetical Ministry for joint services involving parents and their kids or teens. In the Archdiocese, NFLM has been actively supporting the Archdiocese Commission for Families (ACF) programs such as the Couple Mentoring Journey Program (CMJ). NLFM collaborates with Couples for Christ (CFC) Singapore. Morning Star Community Services, Archdiocese Commission for Families (ACF) and with Family Life Society (FLS) for its program offerings.


The Nativity Family Life Ministry was form in 19 th January 2011 through the initiative of Rev. Fr. Henry Siew. The focus of the ministry is on enhancing family life in a Christ way and covers the relationship of spouses, parent-children relationship, the youth & the care for the aged, etc. The ministry’s main service is to plan events that will enhance family life through Christian formations and relationship building events that encourages communications.

In the initial formation of the ministry, eight couples responded to the call to serve in the new ministry then and formed the core group of the NFLM - John Yip & Grace Chang, Joseph Yeo & Geraldine Yeo, Terence & Clarisse Siew, Stephen & Pauline Lee, Raphael & Inez Foo, Elmer & Miyen Lobusta, Andy & Glads Lim, Desmond & Jenny Lim. Alex & Aby Yabut joined afterwards. John Yip led NFLM from 2011 to 2014. He was then succeeded by Elmer Lobusta in 2015.


Common Sense Parenting (CSP) 2 for Sec 1 & Sec 2 Parents
4th Family Fun Walk
Christian Life Program (CLP) 1
3rd Marriage Renewal Vows

Aces Go Places (How Teen and Parents Connect) 2
Love Languages to Build the Child's Sel-Esteem 2
Marriage Enrichment Retreat (MER) 1
3rd Family Fun Walk
Christian Life Program (CLP) 1
2nd Marriage Renewal Vows

Nativity Family Alive Series 5
2nd Nativity Family Fun Walk
Christian Life Program (CLP) 1
1st Marriage Renewal Vows

"I-CAN Workshop” (A Workshop for Fathers Only) 3
Couples Gathering 4
Christian Life Program (CLP) 1

Marriage Enrichment Retreat (MER) 1
Family Enrichment Retreat (FER) 1
Marriage Enrichment Retreat (MER) 1

Five Languages of Love by Fr Henry Siew
Family Movie Showing: Shrek Forever After
Special Mass for Primary & Secondary Students Preparing for Exams


1 - Program conducted by Couples for Christ (CFC) Singapore
2 - Program conducted by Morning Star Community Services
3 - Conducted by Centre for Fathering Singapore
4 - Held every other month