Canteen Ministry

Service Ministry

The formation of the Sunday canteen was initiated by Rev. Fr. Alfred Chan and was opened on 18th June 1973 by a group of legionaries. The Legion of Mary together with the help of the various Church Ministries take turn to operate the canteen every Sunday morning.


The first premises was located at the ground floor of one of the rooms at 'The Green House' and later shifted to the former Montfort School canteen for a period of 8 years. The Canteen has been on the move before they finally have their own permanent kitchen and dining area at 'Casa Maria' in September 2010.


The Aim of the Canteen was primarily to serve food and drink to the Parishioners and to promote fellowship after their Sunday worship. The Canteen is also a place for them to interact and meet up with friends and fellow Catholics.


The Canteen Ministry comprises of 5 Groups:

  1. The Legion of Mary (English)
  2. Chinese Ministry
  3. Teochew Choir
  4. Stephen Tan's Family & Friends
  5. Jenny & Rosalind Chua & Friends

These Groups take turn to serve food & drink to the Parishioners every Sundays.