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Alex Chew

Our senior activities centre was blessed on 1st August 2016 and is for the elderly who can self-help or with care-giver.

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Every Thursday, 8pm Prayer Room

The cries of those in suffering and the less fortunate led Fr Siew to initiate the formation of the Nativity Intercessory Prayer Ministry in February 2008, three months after he assumed the role of the parish priest. He encouraged parishioners to pray as a community. There were already existing groups coming together to pray the Rosary as well as the Divine Mercy Chaplets, but there was no group that could pray spontaneously.

At the start, Fr Siew provided two training sessions. He explained to some 20 parishioners the importance, meaning and method of praying spontaneously as a community. Many participants were reticent at first and felt inadequate but Fr Siew taught them that spontaneous prayers need not be lengthy and could be as brief and precise as single statements. Once participants, such as Ms Jenny Leong and Mr John Chia, overcame their initial shyness and anxiety, they learned to voice out their prayers.

Participants learned to proclaim their appreciation of who God is in words of praise, to express their sorrow for sins, to thank God for all He had done for them, and to pray for the various needs of the Church and the parish, as well as the world. Participants also learned to listen to the Word of God and to contemplate in silence. Their prayers were interspersed with short hymns that were sung repeatedly.

The current coordinator of the group is Mr Alex Chew, and weekly participants number 10. Members from other church ministries are also invited to participate actively in meetings and are gently reminded to pray constantly, so that their respective work and functions would be blessed with depth and bear fruit.

Even when parishioners make a choice to dedicate some time to prayer, it is not always easy given the many commitments of work and family. This is especially so in the case of mothers who seem to be needed endlessly in the domains of child-rearing and household maintenance, and whose resources of time and energy are further stretched should they be working. Thus, a special group was created just for mothers, providing them with an opportune setting in which to pray in peace.