Ministry of Wardens

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Frances Hui

Our mission: To Serve With Love.

The Ministry of Wardens, like other liturgical teams, plays an important role in the celebration of masses on Weekends, Days of Obligation and also Special Masses.

With 7 weekends masses in Nativity Church, we have seven groups of wardens to serve the English, Mandarin and Teochew masses.

Each Sunday, during the 9.15am mass, children wardens aged 7-12 years serve joyfully with the adults. While a number of youth wardens aged 13-18 years, serve with adult wardens during the 7.30am and 11am masses; before and after their catechism classes, respectively.

We welcome parishioners at Church entrances and usher, especially, the elderly and those with special needs to suitable pews.

Before mass, we select parishioners who will bring up the offerings for the Offertory. 2 wardens will guide those selected in the Offertory procession. We collect monetary contributions from the congregation. And also, ensure a smooth flow of human traffic during Holy Communion and that only baptized Catholics receive the Body of Christ.

It is also our duty to attend to parishioners who are feeling unwell and when necessary, call for an ambulance.

For the safety of parishioners and to maximize the use of the car parks, 2 or more wardens are stationed outside the church, before and after each mass, to manage traffic flow and also guide drivers to park at designated areas.

As we are part of the liturgical team, prayers are very important to us. Wardens will gather to pray before or after we serve the mass.

In addition, we have a monthly Prayer Meeting and Fellowship (PMF) session, where we come together to praise, worship and adore the Lord with our Spiritual Director. Thereafter, have our fellowship and discussion on the upcoming church events and also share ways to improve our service for the good of the parishioners and the liturgical servants in church.

Quarterly workshops in which we participate with the other Liturgical Ministries and an annual retreat enhance our spiritual dimensions too.

On the lighter note, as a Ministry, we have two fun nights annually for bonding – a BBQ night during Easter season and a Buffet Dinner cum Games night in December. Individual groups also organize ad-hoc makan sessions, outings, such as cycling and short pilgrimage to Malaysia.