Saint Stephen's Altar Boys' Society (SSABS)

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Bervyn Goh

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Every Friday, 7.30pm , C2-2

Since the founding of our church, there has always been a group of willing boys to serve in the Masses. But until lately, there was no proper organisation of the boys into a society, and the group was usually led by a Head-Server. So it was quite a historic occasion when the St Stephen Altar Boys’ Society was founded in 1965. That year, Fr Lawrence Yeo together with Fr Moses Tay reorganised the group of boys into a church society. Fr Lawrence (still an altar server then) became the society’s first president. The society was immediately placed under the patronage of St Stephen, the first martyr. The motto of the society, “To Serve is To Reign, acts as a great inspiration to its members in fulfilling their duty of serving Mass and helping the church in all her liturgical services.

Today, the strength of the society is 55. Nativity servers are quite well-known among the other Altar Boys’ societies in Singapore. Our hardworking committee, which was formed in 1972, has already experienced organising activities at National Level. One of these activities was the Archbishop’s Cup. The society took the cup for three years in a row.

One proud achievement that the society can boast about is that it has produced seven priests. They are Fr Patrick Goh , Fr Augustine Tay, Fr John Khoo, Fr Joseph Tan, Fr Lawrence Yeo, Fr Joachim Kang and Fr Francis Lee. In addition, the society has produced a string of seminarians and Brothers. Indeed, the record shows that the society is a breeding ground for religious. The fact is that after being so close to the altar for so many years, they can hardly bear to part with it.

Our society is indeed very satisfied with our past performance but we are not resting on our laurels. We are proud of what we have achieved and we are still trying our very best to improve ourselves in whatever ways we can for the betterment of our society.

Through hardwork and prayers, we aspire to model our lives after Jesus Christ. We sincerely hope God would call more of our members to His service, the greatest and noblest job that any man could have.