Junior Lectors

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Sabrina Soon
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The Junior Lectors was founded on 20 September 1998 by Mrs Jane Soon, with the support of Late Fr Matthias Tung. Since then, the society has been successfully grooming and nurturing many promising young talents in faith and knowledge.

The group started out with some children who were passionate about learning more about God in the readings while being given a chance to stand in front of their peers to read out the Word of God every Sunday. Most of the children were ex-students or students of Mrs Soon, while others were drawn to the group by their peers or through recruitment exercise. The society had its humble beginning. Due to limited resources, most of the teaching of reading techniques was done by Mrs Soon herself. Once in awhile, however, God will grace His little children and sent help to the group in the form of wonderful teacher's or mentorsto teach and guide the members. Often visiting priests of Nativity would drop by to check on the kids. Sometimes deacons on attachment to Nativity share their time with the kids as well, other times there were generous religious and lay people coming by to help the kids and the group in ways they can. Thus while the children pick up good reading techniques, subconsciously they learnt more about their faith and the meaning behind those text they read.

Junior Lectors is a unique society where its members do not stay on in the group forever. All of its members graduate from the society once they move into Secondary. Thus the membership is always changing. Everyone gets to make new friends every year while losing their seniors to secondary catechism. Training for the children gets a re-start in the beginning of every year. This very nature of the society kept the group child-like and innocent and always thirsting for more knowledge without feeling bored of repeated text. Perhaps this is also God's way of touching the lives of the little children while maintain their interest.

Junior Lectors has always been blessed with many young promising talents. Most of them have chosen to return their gifts to Nativity church by joining the Lectors Society. There they grow together as a permanent community, breaking the Word of God deeper and growing their little faith planted during their Junior Lectors days. Most of the members in Lectors Society today were once a junior Lector. Today, Junior Lectors still serve to train and guide young children with the love for the Word of God. With 20 over young children from the age of 9-12, they all come together to learn, play and grow.