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Dennis Leong

The role that modern technology plays in ensuring that church activities proceed successfully is significant, as technological advances have enhanced the organisation and conduct of such activities, as well as parishioners’ participation in them. In facilitating outdoor events such as outdoor Masses, processions or fun fairs, modern technology is especially helpful.

The employment of modern technology at Nativity Church is under the purview of the Audio and Visual (AV) Ministry, which was formed in 2000 when Mr James Koh, then Chairman of the Parish Executive Committee, raised the issue of the requirement for this ministry. The first generation of the AV Ministry consisted of Messrs Andrew Heng, Martin Leong, John Tay, John Soh, Simon Ng, Samuel, Terrence and Anthony, among whom only three – Messrs Andrew Heng, Martin Leong and John Soh – remain members today. Members divide their responsibilities, allocating one person to be in charge of one Mass at each time. They are also regularly involved in official outdoor Masses, fun fairs and church events.

In the past, members would meet after Mass on Saturday evenings to discuss problems that they faced and brainstorm for solutions. This practice, however, has been discontinued with the installation of the upgraded AV system in 2005, which was initiated by Fr Tay.

The church has now been fully furnished with a transparency overhead projector, an overhead visualiser, plasma television sets and cameras to aid in providing visual information to parishioners during Mass. This upgrading process was facilitated by the kind donations of parishioners. There were many interested parties who signed up with the AV Ministry but left soon after. While it may not be a requirement to be technically savvy to join the team, it takes commitment and patience to pick up the necessary skills to ensure every Mass and church event operates smoothly. Such is the resilience of the “AV man", Mr Andrew Heng. He was initially from a Chinese-speaking ministry and after making the decision to help in the AV Ministry, he learned everything from scratch on his own. He also credits the Holy Spirit for guidance.

“Just serve with joy and enjoy yourself, that'enough,' he says. I guess that's what makes people serve Christ despite all odds joy.