Neo-Catechetical Way

Faith Formation

The Nativity Community, Neocatechumenal Way was formed on 8th June 2008 at the Convivence following the Public Catechesis that was held in The Church of the Nativity of The Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Neocatechumenal Way began in 1964 in the slums of Palomeras Altas, Madrid, Spain through the work of Francisco (KIKO) Gomez-Arguello and Carmen Hernandez who at the request of the poor with whom they were living, began to announce The Gospel of Jesus Christ. This kerygma was embodied in a catechetical synthesis founded on The Tripod WORD OF GOD-LITURGY-COMMUNITY which is aimed at leading people to FATERNAL COMMUNITY AND MATURE FAITH.

The Neocatechumenal Way is an itinerary of CATHOLIC FORMATION THAT IS AT THE SERVICE OF THE BISHOPS as a form of Diocesan implementation of Christian Initiation and of on-going formation in Faith.

The Nativity Community celebrates THE WORD OF GOD every Tuesday night with 4 readings taken from The Bible. The Sunday Eucharist is celebrated after the first Vespers of Sunday. This Celebration of The Eucharist is part of The Sunday Liturgical Pastoral Work of The Parish and is OPEN also to other Faithful. Once a month on a Sunday, the members hold a Convivence. This faithful adherence to celebrating THE WORD OF GOD, THE EUCHARIST, THE COMMUNITY is THE TRIPOD that unifies the members in The Community.

The members of The Nativity Community are learning the language of The Bible by celebrating The Word of God, celebrating The Eucharist and The Community to be emptied of false concepts of themselves and of God and to descend into their reality of being sinners in need of conversion, rediscovering the gratuitousness of The Love of Christ who forgives and loves.

This Community is moving to the step known as THE FIRST SCRUTINY which is a very important phase in this walk in HUMILITY which began in Year 2008. This will be taking place in June this year.