Executive Committee

Parish Pastoral Council

The Exco of the Church was formed to facilitate the formation of Church Events and also to formulate and decide on matters for our Church and its Parishioners. The members of the Exco serve for a 2-year term and meet once a month to discuss and execute events in the church calendar. At the end of the 2-year term, a new president is elected by the respective Church Groups. As for the Chairman of the Exco, he or she will serve a 2-year term as well but to a maximum of 4 years.

Members of the Exco consist of Presidents of the respective Church Groups or their representatives. The Youth Group itself represents many other smaller groups. But because of their small size, they need not be represented.

Groups that are represented at the Exco Meetings are:

  1. The Canossians
  2. Audio Visual Team
  3. Wardens
  4. Intercessory Prayer
  5. Charismatic
  6. Canteen
  7. Liturgical
  8. St Joseph Dying Aid
  9. Nativity Community of Young People
  10. Chinese Community
  11. Rights of Christian Initiation for Adults
  12. Neighbourhood Christian Community
  13. Family Life
  14. Seretariat
  15. Choirs
  16. Communion Ministers
  17. Legion of Mary
  18. Society of St Vincent De Paul
  19. Mathew 25
  20. Mission Outreach
  21. Catechetical Ministry
  22. Ministry for the Sick

The meeting of the Exco is chired by its Chairman and attended by the Parish Priest and sometimes his associates as well, depending on their availability. It begins with a prayer and followed by Scripture Reading and an Intercessory Prayer and ends with a Final Blessing.

The Agenda consists of church events to be discussed, deliberated and implemented, after the meeting agrees. The Parish celebrates a long lists of events that are regularly on its calendar. It is believed that Our Parish is a very active Church because of its month to month events. All these are made possible because of the very dedicated youth and long-time volunteers who never say no, when the need arises to serve.

The main events in the Church Calendar are:

  • Easter Celebrations
  • Mass and Processions of Our Blessed Mother and Corpus Christi
  • Feast Day Celebrations
  • Welcoming the New Year